Policy Statement for Health and Safety

This Policy reflects the Company’s Mission, Vision and Values Statement towards 2023; in particular the explicit statements that we value most:

· Our Staff and Customers

· Modern Leadership and Management at all levels

And also that we believe we ought to:

· Behave to the highest standard of professional ethics

· Demonstrate integrity

· Show respect for one another

· Act consistently with our Mission and Vision

In view of these commitments the Company has endorsed the following principles:

· The company will comply with the letter and spirit of all applicable legislation relevant to health, safety and welfare standards.

· The company will promote, set and maintain the highest appropriate standards for health and safety matters. This will be achieved by aspiring to best practice for health, safety and welfare in all relevant sectors.

· In achieving best practice the company will measure, and endeavour to continuously improve, performance in health, safety and welfare.

· In the pursuit of continuous improvement, the company may, from time to time, lead or drive best professional health and safety practice in matters that are business critical.

· Whilst the company's mission, vision and values are of prime consideration in all our operations, our statutory obligations take precedence should there be a conflict.

· This being the case, occupational health & safety policies shall be developed in a way that has synergy with the company's mission, vision and values, and with the statutory framework.

In fulfilling these commitments and applying these principles the Company will provide the necessary resources to ensure that a safe and healthy working environment is maintained.